KC Hardware has a wealth of experience. Apart from focusing growth of our own business, we are expanding into other sectors of the household hardware industry business and actively developing tooling technology through continuous development of die casting, forging, surface treatment, stamping, lathe processing, and other core technologies, moving forward towards a diverse and cross sector global strategic alliance.Our main products are, hollow handles, door locks, door knobs, door lock strike plates, doorstops, staircase handrails, disc embedded doorknobs and aluminium handles. For many years, we have been the main hardware supplier for many global furniture and locks brands.Whether it's standardized parts or customized products, we will be able to fulfill various customer requirements and providing flexible ordering options.
OEM KC Hardware provides an end to end service from production, surface treatment, to parts assembly, specializing in a wide range of cabinet hardware, locks, and other precision die casting on metal, CNC processing, lathe processing, and extrusion processing. We are the most trusted partners to our customers by always delivering on time, with flexible production management and vigorous quality control, whether it be tooling development or partial processing.
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Company Profile

KC Hardware was founded in 1959, started with manufacturing accessory parts for belts and shoes. Nowadays, we manufacture parts for furniture hardware and locks, exporting to the USA, Japan, South East Asia, and other countries. Our production machinery includes: precision Press, CNC machinery, and 20-400T Large Scale Press. We are also equipped with CNC Wire Cut EDM, the ability of tooling development, and using EDM to achieve highly precise positioning and manufacturing.KC Hardware meets our customers' needs through excellent manufacturing and exceptional quality.And we strive for our future growth through our belief of the "development of technology and innovation of new products"!